It Is All About Apple’s iPhone 7

It’s all about iPhone 7 rumors if it’s true will be perfect version for iPhone lovers. The Tech world already have many rumors about the new installment of Apple’s iPhone 7 the speculation is taking place on the chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. There are many great features in a one box, here’s what we might be able to expect when the iPhone comes around.

iPhone 7

Dual Camera Facility :
The iPhone is going to come in two versions, first one is with just a single camera with wide angle lens facility and second one is with two camera with telephoto facility says a report form Apple insider. The second one with both cameras can expect better resolution and zoom. A brand new leak that basically surfaced on Weibo show a prototype and inform’s 9 to 5Mac. The photo’s show a bigger camera lens which have ability be able to take nice pictures with average lighting.

Wireless charging facility :
say goodbye to phone chargers that bend and destroy. According to Bloomberg, Apple would possibly introduce wi-fi charging for its smartphones in 2017. A charger will visible but the phone could charge through air, no information yet come out how far you can take it.

Wireless headphone connection :
Numerous resources are speculating that the following iphone will not come with a headphone jack. As an alternative, users  can both use earphones which could join in the lightning port or can use bluetooth without wire connection. Many of them are not happy with this change and over 200K have signed a petition opposing on it.

Large size battery:
The upcoming iPhone battery is bigger then present ones (3100 MAH) According to a website battery can look the same. There is no information about longer battery life, however we can only hope.

256 GB inbuilt storage capacity:
The news came out that 256 GB inbuilt storage capacity would be great comparing with present models 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage.

Water Resistant and Liquid metal body:
The rumors about iPhone 7 it as both Dustproof and Waterproof. At the same time Apple owns patents with Liquid Metal Inc., The news says the comming phone will be in new material made replacing with plastic and aluminum bodies.

Home Button with Flat LCD Screen :
The home button and click on, would give for a extra “touch-sensitive” with 9 to 5 Mac. The information from a website phone use haptic feedback also have facility to update house button, stick to a classic and flat screened. The good news is the features on the iPad Pro will be coming on iPhone 7 phone with the smart connector lets us to transfer data and power in between the keyboard and iPad Pro.

I Hope Apple will change iPhone 7 in a similer way. Let us know if you have any more information. Also have any other information to add feel free to use our comments section below.

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Tech-Degree Program For Entry Level Jobs Launched by Treehouse

The students who what’s to start career in a great way, then Treehouse is launching its own new Degree programTech-Degree” for up coming students. Treehouse says that the program takes 6 to 12 months of time to complete. It will prepare you for an entry level IT job once you complete course. Treehouse says it announced the program because “The time commitment and exorbitant price of 2 or 4 year degrees can be a deterrent” to them who want to work at IT field.

Rather, what is offered on free learning sites isn’t constantly taught properly, also dose not get the most up to date guidance needed and it is not designed in a way to available to college students. Treehouse aim is to solve it by providing over the great online training programe available on the market at a fraction of the cost of a regular degree. Techdegree builds on treehouse’s simple subscription version 25$ per month with original content. Appointing full time instructors who are specialists in their subject, as well as interactive sessions and videos.

The program also consists of 12 coding tasks which can be reviewed and graded through each college students and professionals, and a final proctored exam. To assist students get a experience of community, there’s a devoted slack channel as well as one-on-one video mentoring. To start Tech-Degrees for student to be offered in six categories (Android, Front End Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, iOS, Java and Python) for this students will be charging 399$ per month for its Tech-Degree courses at Treeshouse.

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How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog Database Using WP-Optimize Plugin

The WordPress uses Database to store or save our data. To keep our Blog healthy and fast, we Should Optimize our blog database in regular intervals. In this post we will learn how to use WP-Optimize Plugin for optimize our WordPress blog database with step by step.

Step 1 : Login to your Dashboard

Wordpress Login

Step 2 : Go To Plugins
Click on installed plugins, Add new – in Search type WP-Optimize and press search installed plugins. If we are searching any new plugin, click on details to see more information about that plugin. Check it’s compatibility score and version of the plugin.  


Step 3:  Click on Activate Plugin
If the plugin which we are searching for is already installed on your blog, we will get result showing already installed on your blog, in front of the plugin.

Note : Whenever we install a new plugin read the documentation fully before installation.

Plugin Installation

Step 4: Click on WP-Optimize bar at left hand side.

WP-Optimize Bar

Step 5: Options to Optimize Database

Options To Optimize

Mark Clean all post revision : It remove’s the post revisions and increases size of your database.

Mark Clean all auto draft posts and posts in trash : It remove’s the unused draft and cleans trash folder.

Mark Remove spam comments and comments in trash : It remove’s the spam comments and cleans spam comments form trash.

Mark Remove unapproved comments : It remove’s the unapproved comments if we needed.

Then click on PROCESS button That’s It.

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Tips To Find Your iPhone When It’s On Silent Mode

I am a iPhone user, but phone is in silent misplaced somewhere in my home. My friend are calling unable to find, can some one help me to find my phone. Good luck for attempting to find it that way many time, there is a small tip we should follow if we are misplaced at home.

iPhone On Silent Mode
iPhone On Silent Mode

Tip 1 : Open your desktop or laptop go to a website sign in and click on ‘Find My iPhone’. This site will show you the location of where iPhone is in case you don’t know where you actually left behind. If we come know whrere our Phone is then tap the dot and a box should appear with three options.  Select the ‘Play Sound’ click on, maybe our iPhone is in silent or vibrate mode the pinging sound will ring fully.

Tip 2 : Bring the speaker or Doom box with long cord attached, then play a music slowly, then call your phone walk around the home garbing a speaker in your hand. If we are lucky then speaker will start doing weird sound. When that sound get louder that means we’re closer to our phone. The less frequent of sound are, the away we’re moving form our phone.

I aspect, with this helpful information you’ll able to find your iPhone, where ever it is at our home. We need to remember keep ‘Find My Phone’ on.

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Apple Made 40 Million Dollars of Gold on Old Recovery Devices

The Apple has announced how it recovered ton of gold in a 12 months of time from old recycled devices like Macs, iPhones and iPads. Apple as stated recycling program where get paid cash on old devices it may either furnishings down, expensive metals remove, broken and resold. The privilege to have unwanted devices from customer to returned Apple. The Small amount of gold used in consumer products for an conductor was been eliminated.

Apple Renew
Apple Renew

It was anticipated recovery of gold net worth almost 40 Million Dollars as well as 3000 Kgs of Silver, 1.4 million Kgs of Aluminum and 10.4 million Kgs of Steel regained. In the latest Environmental Report company announced “We work hard to hold electronic gadgets out of landfills in order to the valuable resources they consist may be reused. And we need to make sure that those devices are recycled nicely in order that they don’t pose a threat to human health or the environment.” Reason to developed recycling assemble program.

The Global program of taking back initiatives like Apple Renew it bring an effective recycle centers. Also said “Through our efforts we’ve stored more than 597 million pounds of necessary items  out of landfills from 1994. In 2015, we gathered almost 90 million pounds of e-waste from our recycling events. The 71% of the total weight of the goods what we sold in seven years.” Adding that suppliers from China and other nations use 100% renewable energy throughout the World.

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